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Today’s Menu in Business and First Class

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If you’ve been flying for many years you have seen and experienced the enormous upgrades that were made by airlines to enhance every passengers long haul international flights.  Examples are such as, nicer interiors, more comfortable seats, a fresher environment and better entertainment systems. While these upgrades mentioned do indeed enhance flights for most, the real fashionable innovative detailing has been put into the Business and First Class cabins, to bring customers a product they’ll love and enjoy. Among the many benefits that come along with traveling in Business or First class, is the delicious freshly cooked gourmet meals served in flight. Yes! That means when the flight attendant comes to your seat, you place an order from the menu given and a chef cooks the dish for you according to your preference as done in all professional restaurants. Airlines also keep it exciting for the passengers by changing up the menu every week or so, a custom which is practiced by all major chefs around the world. Now this is luxury.

With this being said, lets have a look at a few sample menus offered by some of the best Airlines of 2015.

emirates-in flight-meal
Photo Credit: ebaumsworld.com

1. Emirates Airlines

Every passenger that has flown with Emirates in economy class all have one thing in common, that is their dream to take a flight in the Business or First Class cabin of the plane. It’s no secret what lies behind those curtains and certainly dream worthy.

Here’s a few samples from a menu for an upcoming Emirates flight from New York to Dubai. This is a good route-for a menu sample-being that this is one of the more popular routes for the airline, but also because Emirates “chefs use locally sourced ingredients to prepare delicious meals, so you can sample the flavors of your destination” which in this case will be a menu similar to what you’d find in an expensive restaurant in Dubai. Available for breakfast entree’s are Scrambled Eggs with Chives, Mushroom Omelette, or the Breakfast Platter which comes with sliced grilled chicken and bresaola with red leicester gruyere. And of course all the lighter breakfast foods are available as well such as cold/hot cereal and assorted yogurts. For the afternoon and evening meals they offer an assortment of gourmet chicken, meat and seafood delicacies with appetizers such as Caviar, Traditional Arabic Mezze or Smoked Duck and Braised Lamb Shank, Shahi Murgh Korma, Pot-au-Feu, or the Seafood Duo which is Courgette-wrapped prawns and grilled scallops served with asparagus and pan seared polenta with mushrooms, all made by culinary experts to delicious perfection. Of course available at all times is a fully stocked bar & lounge with the finest whisky’s and carefully selected vintage wines for the passengers of Business and First Class to enjoy at all times.

This, is a luxurious Business and First Class. This is Emirates.

Photo Credit: frequentlyflying.boardingarea.com

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one airline that will never leave passengers disappointed. In fact, they’ll always make sure that their passengers have an easy restful and pleasant experience, from boarding until landing. One of the ways Singapore insures this, is by offering one of the biggest gourmet menus for their Business and First class passengers, which includes over 60 diverse dishes, “including dishes created exclusively for Singapore Airlines by the world’s most sought-after culinary masters from our International Culinary Panel, all-time favorites, low-fat and low-carbohydrate delights and comforting local fare.” This menu is called “Book the Cook”, where you can go online to Singapore Airlines website and choose your dishes at least 24 hours prior to your flight. The “Book the Cook” menu has something for every kind of passenger and every kind of taste.

Is it the NY Sirloin steak,

the Roast Rack of Lamb,

or the Braised Ribs?

Maybe it’s the Pan Fried Chicken

or the Roasted Chicken Rice and Pak Choy that speaks to you? Hmmm….could it be

the Lobster Thermidor with Saffron Rice or

the Roasted Sea Bass  served with wilted spinach and glazed crab-mashed potato in white wine sauce infused chive & lemon?

Well, the menu is quite large like we said, so before you buy your next cheap first class ticket to Singapore—or wherever it might be that you travel—on Singapore Airlines, order whatever you want from the Singapore Airlines “Book the Cook” menu for Business and First Class passengers 24 hours before your flight and enjoy the delicious food.

etihad-first class-meal
Photo Credit: YouTube

3. Etihad Airways

Etihad, as is known by all travelers, is a prestigious and luxurious upscale airline, where they focus on giving their customers a feel of royalty throughout the duration of a trip. It is quite clear that Etihad Airways and their renown chefs have put a lot of thought and time into creating the perfect menu to satisfy every passengers need or desire. Some of the wonderful options offered on Etihad’s  “From The Grill” menu is, Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin and Chicken Supreme with sides of Sauteed Mushrooms, Grilled Tomatoes or Baked Beans. Other varieties of delicate meats are offered as well cooked or grilled to your personal preference, as well as a selection of vintage wines and other alcoholic beverages to enhance your flight. Etihad also offers special meals to accommodate guests with special diets for either religious or medical reasons. However, it must be ordered prior to the date of departure.

qatar-airways-first class meal
Photo Credit: Qatar Airways

4. Qatar Airways

After much time and thought given to their menu, Qatar Airways has brought their Business and First Class passengers the skies’ best meal. The two Master Chefs who have been chosen, Nobu Matsuhisa and Vineet Bhatia, created a unique and diverse Business and First Class menu. Together, they spent months adapting and testing their specialty dishes for the customers. Taking into account not only flavours and spices, but how the taste buds are altered at 30,000 feet. Find a discounted First Class ticket on Qatar and come relish the extraordinary cuisine designed by these world-renowned chefs. This is a new age of airline dining and it is centered around you.

An on-demand à la carte service menu lets you enjoy mouth-watering dishes whenever you like. With appetizers such as Fish Kibbeh, Classic Arabic Mezze and Mediterranean Three Bean Soup. While your appetite builds up, assorted Beef, Chicken or Fish delicacies are being made for you. Although each flight has a specific menu, a Qatar First Class sample menu would consist of Lamb Chops with Kufta and Tikka also known as the Iranian Mix Grill, Thyme Roasted Chicken Breast with Potato Gnocchi and Seared Tomatoes or a fish dish Oven Roasted, Mustard and Dill Salmon. In addition to the amazing food served, each seat has a large dining area which makes the perfect setting for 5-star dining.


Photo Credit: Korean Air

5. Korean Air

Korean Air provides healthy and delicious food with their very own fresh ingredients. From farm to fly, their rib eye steak, beef ribs and chicken dishes all come from Jedong pastures in the beautiful and pure region of Mt. Halla of Jeju Island. Also offered as a Korean Air specialty, is the famous Jedong Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, a soup known and loved by the natives of South Korea and to all who’ve tried it. In addition, all of the organically grown products which Korean Air uses for in-flight meals, such as paprika and cherry tomatoes, are produced under strict supervision of the entire growth process to give each ingredient the proper care and nourishment it needs, to bring out the best taste and ultimate freshness in each gourmet dish.

The luxury on a Korean Air flight attracts a large loyal clientele with many diversities, something which– Korean Air does not over look. Taking this into consideration, The chefs on Korean Air do an amazing job by serving top quality dishes that cater to all tastes while still maintaining the taste and authenticity of traditional Korean meals, such as bibimbap, pumpkin nutritious rice, and Korean Style Dongchimi noodles. A formal Korean menu is served in courses that include an appetizer, a main course with side dishes and dessert, providing a well-balanced meal that is second to none.

The wines which are carefully chosen for Business and First Class, are pre-ordered 3 – 4 years before the expected in-flight service, particularly special wines from Bordeaux. Top quality champagne is also served, including Perrier-Jouet from France, with more than 200 years of tradition.

The food and service from Korean Air is so good, it’ll make you forget that you’re actually flying 40,000 feet in the air and more like you’re in a 5-star restaurant.

Korean Airs’ Special Menu

It is understood that everyone has different tastes for a variety of reasons. Korean Air serves a wide variety of special meals to accommodate your needs based on health (including type of illness or allergy to certain type of food), religion or age.

The different categories in which Korean Air offers special meals, are listed below. Don’t forget to make any “special meal requests” at least 24 hours before your flight.

Infants and Children
Special Dietary Needs
Religious Observances
Other Special Meals
Peanut Allergies

Fly Safe,


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