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10 Best Beaches to Visit This Summer

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Whether it’s an upcoming business trip or a summer vacation that you’re planning, these beautiful beaches will capture your heart. With some of the clearest waters and softest powdery sand, you might end up forfeiting any other plans you’ve made to just spend your day by the beach sipping mojitos or entertaining your family. These top 10 beaches, awarded as the best of 2015, vary in style. Some lie calmly behind luxurious hotel & resorts while some require a short hike or walk to get there and others have large crowds with music and entertainment. All different beaches for different times, with the most beautiful scenery and good times to be had all around. Choose the beach you love most together with one of the luxurious hotels nearby and we’ll deliver an affordable summer package with all the dream luxuries one can want. With cheap First Class flights to PPT International Airport in Tahiti or to BNE International Airport for Queensland, no distance is too far for us to bring you savings. Wherever you’re traveling to, we’ll get you there in the most affordable luxurious way.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

tahiti-summer2015-top beaches
Matira Point, Bora Bora, Photo Credit: Gina Catarra

Matira Beach in Bora Bora is one of the most famous beaches in Tahiti, and for very good reason. The mile-long stretch of silky powder-white sand, slopes gently into a shallow emerald lagoon, with water so clear you feel tempted to drink it 1f609-twitter , and is backed by a thick curtain of palms and tropical foliage. Matira beach has an added bonus that it’s one of the only public-access beaches in Bora Bora. So if you want to explore beaches outside of your resort, you won’t need to pay the five-star resort prices to enjoy its beauty.

Hotels & Resorts In Tahiti

Intercontinental French Polynesia

Le Merdien Tahiti


Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles

The Perfect Beach, Seychelles, Photo Credit: Catalan SBA73

Anse Lazio, on the northwest tip of Praslin island, is known as the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles and one of my personal favorites. It’s no wonder: This long and broad beach, together with its— carpet soft velvety sand and shocking blue water, gives its’ visitors the therapeutic relaxation they need from just one glance upon the peaceful swaying palms and leafy takamaka trees all around. To add to the drama, the beach is also framed by enormous granite boulders on either side. It’s like a piece of paradise.

Hotels & Resorts In Seychelles

Raffles Praslin & Seychelles

Constance Hotels & Resorts


 Honokalani Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Honokalani Beach, Maui, Hawaii, Photo Credit: Rob DeCamp

With its jet-black shore and thick jungle-like foliage, Honokalani Beach is dreamland to all. Photographers will find “dream come true” landings throughout, to capture breathtaking photos while those who passionately crave adventurous exploring, will experience immense enjoyment from some of  the immaculate nature that remains in the world. Such as the black sand found on the beach— which is made up of tiny lava pebbles (don’t worry, they’re not hot 😉 )— seaside lava tubes and sea caves  that are carved into the lava cliffs alongside the shore. A visit to Honokalani Beach is more than a wild “bucket list” adventure , it’s sacred Hawaiian nature, and a necessary stop to visit whenever the chances arise.

Hotels & Resorts In Hawaii

Grand Wailea – A Waldorf Astoria Resort: *(Grand Wailea Specials & Promotional Offers)

Hyatt Maui Resort & Spa


 El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

From Pictures of El Nido Beach, Palawan, Photo Credit: Maria Globetrotter

Shockingly and thankfully as regulars might say, Palawan has steadily remained under the radar and we certainly hope it stays that way. El Nido alone is home to around 50 white sand beaches—making it hard to choose just one— all of which are set around beautiful limestone formations and boast some of the the finest and whitest sand you’ll ever see on a beach. The water is so blindingly blue it makes Clearwater Beach look murky 😉 in comparison, and the sunsets? It’s True. They are to die for and they’ll ruin what was once considered a “nice sunset” in your hometown, for life. So prepare yourselves for a scheduled yearly trip to El Nido.

Hotels & Resorts In El Nido

El Nido Resorts

El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island


 Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Brazil

Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Photo Credit: Hanneke Luijting

Another one for the adventurous among us. The ones who greatly appreciate nature in its— “non-citied” or natrual state— or for the ones that obligate themselves to work before reaping the fruits of beautiful nature. For, getting to this beach requires quite the— exciting “trek” of a journey. If you’re staying in Rio De Janeiro, you best be on your way well before sunrise, and here’s why. The journey starts with a three-hour drive to Angra dos Reis from Rio, then a ferry, then a taxi-boat, followed by a short hike through a forest and walla! The beautiful Lopes Mendes Beach in Ilha Grande takes that last breath— you’ve been holding onto— away, as it flauntsits early morning serene peacefulness upon the onlookers. What are you looking at? Two miles of unspoiled, deserted, powder-white sand that leads to some of the world’s clearest crystalline waters, where beach shacks or restaurants won’t be found. Instead you’ll find, thick wild sea shrub, almond trees and squat palms, which is the perfect spot to recuperate from your trip. However,  at that point the complicated journey has become well worth the effort.

Hotels & Resorts In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel Resort

Sofitel Luxury Hotels


 Catalina Island, California, USA

take-vacation-catalina island
Catalina Island Beach, Photo Credit: Dolan Halbrook

The beautiful Catalina Island which is located 22 miles off the Southern coast of California, is known for its myriad of outdoor activities that keeps locals and foreigners alike, coming back for more. Exotic activities such as, snorkeling, scuba-diving, horseback-riding, kayaking and hiking, enough to keep you busy for days of fun. With such, the active days require peaceful evenings. You can stroll around the quaint social center of the island at Avalon for shopping, gallery-hopping and great restaurants where you can grab a gourmet meal. A camera, however, is a must for this trip as unexpected photo opportunities are so common, it’s already known and expected at almost every turn. Photography lovers, be on the lookout for grazing buffalo. They’re really relaxed and in their very own chill, leaving you great opportunities snap some great shots. Boats to Catalina Island depart from Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point; for sea-sickers, jet-setters, or those who don’t want to waste any time traveling, helicopter trips are also available for $110.00 USD.

Hotels & Resorts In Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Pavilion Hotel

Santa Catalina Hotel Atwater

 Cancun Beach, Cancun, Mexico


Cancun Beach, Mexico, Photo Credit: johnniev

When it comes to Mexican beaches, this beach can’t be beat: With miles of beautiful soft sand and its clear water, this Cancun beach will leave you feeling rested and at peace with the world. Its pale silvery sand invitingly leads into the clear shallow waters of the Yucatan Peninsula, while the luxurious hotels stand quietly behind. Best of all, the very same beach that you relax on all day, offers quite the options for “night life” activities. At Cancun you have it all.

Hotels & Resorts In Cancun, Mexico

Intercontinental: Presidente Cancun Resort

Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort


 Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo, Cuba

business-class-cuba beach
Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo, Cuba Photo Credit: Sergio Daniotti

Playa Paraiso, is a secluded beach in Cayo Largo del Sur, a small island located just off the southern coast of Cuba and it well deserves its name, The Paradise Beach. Boasting miles of— sugar-white glittering sand and gorgeous turquoise waters that look like they were poured straight out of heaven. There isn’t much natural shade found on Playa Paraiso, but there are however, umbrellas and bar shacks that you can sit under to break from the sun.

Hotels & Resorts In Cayo Largo, Cuba

Eden Village Cayo Largo Villagio Resort

Sol Cayo Largo Hotel & Resort


Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Nai Harn Beach Thailand, Photo Credit: Keith Henry

With over 30 beaches in Phuket, choosing the ones to visit become a little difficult. So to make it easy, if you’re one who enjoys a quiet beach that isn’t too over crowded by tourists, Nai Harn beach is your destination. This beautiful beach, about a half mile long, lies between two jungle and palm covered mountains leaving a breath taking view of the ocean right in the center. The beautiful blue calm waters remain 89 degrees Fahrenheit for a large part of the year making water activities to be most popular. There is a volleyball net as well, for those who want to take advantage of the soft warm sand with a game or two.

Hotels & Resorts in Phuket, Thailand

The Village Coconut Island Resort

Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Aerial View of Fraiser Island, Photo Credit: Tourism Queensland

Australia is known for its spectacular beaches, which can be found on almost every side of the island, including this stunning colored beach on Fraser Island. For starters, the entire island is World Heritage-listed for being the largest sand island in the world. Its golden sand beach is backed by fiery bronze cliffs; further beyond, you’ll find lush rainforest rich with native wildlife. It’s of equal beauty—and far less occupied—than the more famous Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef at large. (Description Credit: David Jefferys)

Hotels & Resorts in Queensland

Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa

Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa Gold Coast

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